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Good Day, I trust that my email finds you well. To give you a breakdown of how my divorce went is as follows. I presented the papers at the Court on the 08th of July 2022 and took the papers to the Sheriff to serve summons the same day. Defendant was served on the 14th of July 2022 and I collected the return of service on the 20th of July 2022 and took it back to Court to get a date. A date was given for the 27th of July 2022 and on that day the divorce was granted. Definitely got divorced with ease and thank you so much for your professional and thorough service in this regard. Thank you and Kind regards.
* Chico *
Rated their experience 10/10
The process was very easy to follow and the documents were accepted by the magistrate's court. I spent so much on attorney fees and eventually after running out of money, I found DIYlaw who were super efficient and helpful. After 7 years of trying to get divorced, my court date is set for the 20th of September 2022! Thank you to the DIYlaw team!
* D Botha *
Rated their experience 9/10
I needed to get a divorce done as a matter of urgency towards the end of 2021. I was quoted over R 8 000.00 by a local attorney, something I could never afford. I came across Cawood Attorneys offering a DIY Divorce service. I was a bit hesitant at first, thinking that the process would be too complicated for me to handle on my own and would take very long. I can honestly say that the process was simple. The documents were sent to me and I followed the steps which were provided in a very clear and concise manner. I completed the full process of getting the documents signed, delivered and returned to me within 10 days including receiving the return of service from the Sheriff. I handed in my documents at the court and got a court date. Within 2.5 months my divorce was granted. Thank you to all the staff at Cawood Attorneys for the amazing service and support. I will recommend their services to anyone wanting to get a divorce done quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price. Kind regards
* S Swanepoel *
Rated their experience 10/10
Good morning Riaan Thank you so much! I submitted the papers at Court yesterday and it will be finalized 18 Feb 2022 Thank you for the guidance through the whole process it made it absolute hassle free experience Kind regards
* Beverlly C *
Rated their experience 10/10
Most efficient , professional and speedy assistance. Highly recommended. Thank you! Effortless procedure from start to finish at most affordable rate.
* Jacques Taljaard *
Rated their experience 10/10
very happily and easily divorced. Thank you.
* Avisha Ramos *
Rated their experience 9/10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good evening I would like to have some help to get divorce just to say that I do have 2minors one 11 and the other 14 I understand the fees upfront are almost900 and the 150 for the Sherrif to deliver plse if any assistance is available.
Christine, Indeed the R890 is payable, where after you will immediately receive login details to proceed with the online divorce application. I will provide you with more information per email. Regards,
Hi If i make of your services and there are no contesting or policies or children or any assets involved and both parties agree to set out documents. How long will the divorce take to go through.
Because you handle the divorce yourself, it will depend on the time you take to follow the step by step guide that will be provided to you. It also depends on where the court dates of your local court is. It shouldn't however take more than 2-3 months to finalise. It can be much sooner though.
Hi, By using this service am I still required to go to court ?
You will have to attend Court. The good news is that you receive a step by step guide to ensure that all is ready for your Court appearance and it is not something that you should be concerned about.
I am married out of community of property and my wife is claiming maintenance. We have no children together, no assets or liabilities, and she has always worked, and I have never paid maintenance to her. I live in Mozambique, and do not have a South African bank account, but her attorneys are demanding information regarding my status in Mozambique, including a list of my assets, etc. Please advise what your charge would be to attend to this matter. We were previously with another attorney, but they withdrew from this case with no prior notice, and we believe that there is a court ruling to pay maintenance, which we were not aware of until this month.
Ian, This is not a matter that DIY Law can assist with, you require the assistance of an attorney. Riaan Scheepers from Cawood Attorneys will send you a direct email. Regards,
Good day Please can you provide me with a telephone no as i got some questions i need clarification on. Kind regards
Sharon, I will send a email to you with the relevant information. Regards,
Goeie dag ek en my man wil skei ons het 'n skikking opgetrek tussen ons. Maar ek weet nie hoe om verder te gaan met die hof en dagvaardiging nie. kan u asb advise gee ons bly in Dinwiddie Germiston. Magda
Magda, We will send an email to you directly in reply to your query. Regards,
My girlfriend wants to divorce but she doesn't have any stable job yet is it possible to get get her some help so the divorce can be done faste she is willing to pay but dont have the money all at once.
Ruan, We will be able to assist your girlfriend with her divorce. Unfortunately the DIY Law program is set up in such a way that the payment of R890 must be made at once to proceed with the online divorce application. There is not an option to pay in installments at this point in time. Regards,

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Good day, My husband and I want to get divorced but do not have the funds as we are both pensioners and funds are very low. Please advise what we could do to finalize this matter as soon as possible
-- Marian C Madejski
Hi Marian. DIY Law is a great option to exercise to do the divorce as quick and cheap as possible. DIY divorce was created with people like you in mind.
-- diylaw Administrator
Dear Riaan, Thank you for your prompt response. I sent an email to I do not wish to post my email address here on a public forum. Is there an alternative email address to which I can also send?
-- Nancy
You may send it to
-- diylaw Administrator
Thank you so much for all the help and support to getting my divorce finalized. This service is great and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a quick and easy divorce. Thank you DiyLaw!
-- Gwen
Gwen, It is only our pleasure and we were happy to assist. We wish you all the best moving forward. Regards
-- diylaw Administrator
Goeie dag Riaan kan ek asb net iemand kontak oor n paar vrae wat ek het voordat ek voortgaan. Groete
-- Anneli Beukes
You may contact me directly. Regards
-- diylaw Administrator
Good day Diylaw. I need assistance in starting my divorce process. My husband and I are in agreement. Can someone contact me please. Regards
-- Venter
@Mrs. Venter, You have come to the right place. DIY Law will definitely be able to assist you with an uncontested divorce. We will contact you as requested. Regards
-- diylaw Administrator