The dificulty is not the process but the unfortune financial and emotional consequence of divorce.

Emotions between spouses are often the drive for lengthy and financially straining contested divorces. An amicable divorce on the other hand makes it possible for the parties to start over with their lives and in doing so limiting the emotional and financial strain of divorce.

For a divorce order to be granted the court needs to be satisfied that the marital relationship between the parties has broken down irretrievably. There are many reasons why in fact a marriage does break down irretrievably, of which most commonly the following:

  • there is no effective communication between the parties any more
  • the spouses have not lived together as a married couple for a period of time (even if they still stay in the same joint residence)
  • adultery was committed by either party
  • emotional and physical abuse occurred between spouses
  • the parties have mutually lost their love and respect for one another